Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tapestries are pimp

It's been one of my lil dreams/goals to visit the Getty Center. I've driven by it during the darkest hours of the night on my way to and from ventura county. I was going through a reflective period and just had to stop.

first, you take a tram. and its a beautiful hillside ride

second, you hop off and most of the buildings are made of travertine, which is a textile I am a fan of anyway.

now MOST people would go to the museum buildings first, but since I'm Sarah v, I walked our to the gardens, camera in hand. the architecture and structures and arrangements were just fabulous. i had such a fun time soaking it all in....

museum thug:

i move inside, and stumble upon the photography exhibit, which are always my faves. Next I found the "French" section. I believe it was french revolution area, impressionism, and everything in between. the room recreations were so open, there was furniture, paintings, fabric wall paper, all so elaborate! There were also "security" people watching over the rooms and clicking how many visitors entered. in one room, there was a rather big thug-like dude standing guard. he was flirting with a couple young girls who had "visual overload" and left. this room had these amazing tapestries about 20x20 in vibrant colors, exquisite detail, and i wanted to touch them so bad...but didnt. I definitely did appreciate the detail and labor intensity that was used to make these pieces. The thug walke over, and first thing he said

"This room is pimp"

agreed! He also said, you know you have arrived when you have giant tapestries hanging in your house- he wanted his house deck outed like this room hahaha. I was cracking up. i loved it- he couldnt have made my day any brighter....and then he mentioned i should get a European husband. it was official, he made my day :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello Somebody

Reading relevant magazine is always an inspirational joy. I remember reading a piece about these watches, and how they support children in rwanda. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for products with a purpose, but these watches, I especially love. My heart always beats louder when I know that I can help out kids in my own country, and those abroad.

Hello Somebody has an amazing story. I encourage you to stop what you're doing, visit there website here. I'll be here when you get back.

I had 2 very important upcoming bdays, and being so close to Christmas, it makes it a catch 22 on what to get. on one hand those things on their christmas lists they did not receive, I can pick up. on the other, we arent a super "gifty" family, we value time spent with each other over products. BUT because I am especially stoked on these, I bought 2 for each of my brothers, and one for myself. I love mine, and I love being able to give a gift to them, and to do a part to sponsor an amazing child with a bright future so many miles away.

they come in SO many fun colors...it was hard to choose! If you need an accessory, or a GREAT gift idea, I highly reccomend a hello-somebody watch! one of many products with a purpose on my love list!