Monday, September 12, 2011

Hostage Keys

this is a tale about what happens when someone leaves important keys at my house. i take them hostage, so you have to come back and visit. this is a day in the life of sarah, and where these keys landed at a few spots during the day.  I actually had quite a bit of fun scheming up what I would do next, and loved snapping pics of hostage keys all over. kinda like the travelocity gnome. hang on to your keys folks! otherwise they are in for an adventure ;)

hostage keys: playing the keys!
hostage keys: magically delicious
hostage keys: so firey hot right now!

hostage keys: sewing with sariberry

hostage keys: riding around town
hostage keys: day at the beach

hostage keys: backyard brew

hostage keys: blackout! 

hostage keys: banjo picking time

hostage keys: ransom note- i sent them back in one piece, safe and sound to their rightful owner. ;)