Friday, July 22, 2011

Sairberry Hot List: Summer Faves 2011

Sun on my skin = all smiles!  

i love summer. (bonus living in San Diego extends summer to almost yearly!) some of my absolute faves this year! i'm obsessed, so I simply had to share!

Summer hats! Cubans, Fedoras, even truckers, anything to protect the face, and make that tousled beach hair look outstanding!

EOS lip balm. so obsessed. the flavors and scents! the packaging! the 95% organic! the smell, feel, taste, texture of these are simply amazing. i have summer fruit, lemon drop, sweet mint, and pomegranate berry. i stockpile like a fiend so i can give one to all my friends! love love love these lil guys! and the fun shape is such a conversation starter!

This is epic. the Naked palette by Urban Decay. I've been searching for this for the last 8 months! i love love love it! gorgeous shimmery colors for every eye color, and makes those peepers pop!! i love it! so many great looks can be created!

V : Cabernet Franc 2010. my 1st (and not last) attempt at winemaking. it will be ready for late summer drinking! I even spray painted the bottles because i love taking a spray can to anything!

sharpie carry-all. my 1st (and not last!) attempt at making something to hold all my sharpies. i know, i know, i'm such a nerd, and too obsessed with sharpies, but this contains my obsession in one little case.

aprons!! perfect for covering yourself if you are "naking" (naked baking cuz sometimes its just so hot!!) or for hosting lemonade, cocktail, or wine parties! to see the latest!

sunshine, summer, and sunscreen,

Sarah v