Friday, June 24, 2011

2010 cab franc


My first attempt with winemaking! and of course, i loved it!
Sarah D and Sarah V from 3rd Corner took a winemaking course at MiraCosta college, and as a result we both have about 32 bottles of our own wine! i even entered mine into the San Diego Fair. i didnt win, but was stoked to get some good feedback, and now i have many bottles to enjoy! it was alot of hard work, but i loved every minute of it. getting dirty picking grapes, working crush, seeing how it ferments, punchdowns, pressing the wine, racking the wine, having it sit in my kitchen for 6 months, bottling, and my favorite, making the label!
pressing the grapes with our hands and the basket press

picking grapes

picking and picking- we needed 1.5 tons!

this is called "cake" this is pretty much the seeds and the skins left over after we pressed all the juice out.

happy little winemakers, D and V
7 gallons of juice to take home and let ferment!
we picked grapes at hart vineyard out in temecula. they were good grapes to start, and made great wine!