Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hyperdecanting with Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss teaches us how to hyperdecant wine. and I love that he drinks out of a bomex beaker. follow his blog and twitter @tferriss immediately. He lives an admirable life, and is the author of 4hour body and 4 hour work week.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Type Truck

the type truck: a moveable printing truck that travels across the country spreading the love and ink!!

photo: Derek Fagerstrom

brilliant!! go to this page and ready about how awesome kyle from portland is!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hostage Keys

this is a tale about what happens when someone leaves important keys at my house. i take them hostage, so you have to come back and visit. this is a day in the life of sarah, and where these keys landed at a few spots during the day.  I actually had quite a bit of fun scheming up what I would do next, and loved snapping pics of hostage keys all over. kinda like the travelocity gnome. hang on to your keys folks! otherwise they are in for an adventure ;)

hostage keys: playing the keys!
hostage keys: magically delicious
hostage keys: so firey hot right now!

hostage keys: sewing with sariberry

hostage keys: riding around town
hostage keys: day at the beach

hostage keys: backyard brew

hostage keys: blackout! 

hostage keys: banjo picking time

hostage keys: ransom note- i sent them back in one piece, safe and sound to their rightful owner. ;)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

freshly baked aprons on etsy!

check out these teasers, then head on over to and pick one up!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

All Thingz Related: Faux-Leather Topped Desk {Step 2}

All Thingz Related: Faux-Leather Topped Desk {Step 2}: You can see step 1 here but I’ll give you a quick recap. {Step 1} I tore up pieces of contractor’s paper… and adhered it to my desk top...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sairberry Hot List: Summer Faves 2011

Sun on my skin = all smiles!  

i love summer. (bonus living in San Diego extends summer to almost yearly!) some of my absolute faves this year! i'm obsessed, so I simply had to share!

Summer hats! Cubans, Fedoras, even truckers, anything to protect the face, and make that tousled beach hair look outstanding!

EOS lip balm. so obsessed. the flavors and scents! the packaging! the 95% organic! the smell, feel, taste, texture of these are simply amazing. i have summer fruit, lemon drop, sweet mint, and pomegranate berry. i stockpile like a fiend so i can give one to all my friends! love love love these lil guys! and the fun shape is such a conversation starter!

This is epic. the Naked palette by Urban Decay. I've been searching for this for the last 8 months! i love love love it! gorgeous shimmery colors for every eye color, and makes those peepers pop!! i love it! so many great looks can be created!

V : Cabernet Franc 2010. my 1st (and not last) attempt at winemaking. it will be ready for late summer drinking! I even spray painted the bottles because i love taking a spray can to anything!

sharpie carry-all. my 1st (and not last!) attempt at making something to hold all my sharpies. i know, i know, i'm such a nerd, and too obsessed with sharpies, but this contains my obsession in one little case.

aprons!! perfect for covering yourself if you are "naking" (naked baking cuz sometimes its just so hot!!) or for hosting lemonade, cocktail, or wine parties! to see the latest!

sunshine, summer, and sunscreen,

Sarah v

Friday, June 24, 2011

2010 cab franc


My first attempt with winemaking! and of course, i loved it!
Sarah D and Sarah V from 3rd Corner took a winemaking course at MiraCosta college, and as a result we both have about 32 bottles of our own wine! i even entered mine into the San Diego Fair. i didnt win, but was stoked to get some good feedback, and now i have many bottles to enjoy! it was alot of hard work, but i loved every minute of it. getting dirty picking grapes, working crush, seeing how it ferments, punchdowns, pressing the wine, racking the wine, having it sit in my kitchen for 6 months, bottling, and my favorite, making the label!
pressing the grapes with our hands and the basket press

picking grapes

picking and picking- we needed 1.5 tons!

this is called "cake" this is pretty much the seeds and the skins left over after we pressed all the juice out.

happy little winemakers, D and V
7 gallons of juice to take home and let ferment!
we picked grapes at hart vineyard out in temecula. they were good grapes to start, and made great wine!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sonoma Trip

What an amazing trip! We woke up early Sunday morning, flew up to San Fran, and headed out to Sonoma wine country. Our first tasting appt. was Dutton & Goldfield in Sebastopol. We tasted some fantastic chardonnays and pinot noirs then headed across the way to red car which is known for its box car wines and its wine label art for “the fight” which is a Syrah label that has their “knockout” series of really outstanding artwork. We then headed off the dry creek inn to rest and get ready for our big dinner at Cyrus.

 Cyrus; 2 Michelin stars, amazing service, amazing food, and the epitome of fine dining. We wined and dined for 5 solid hours. The wine pairings with the food were absolutely incredible. The Sommelier was outstanding, not to mention the chef and the wait staff. It was truly an experience I will never forget!

The next morning we had 3 tasting appts, first, Walter Hansel. This was one of my favorite stops being that it was raining, and we stood outside under a tin roof, and could hear the rain pounding above us, while looking out to the vineyards- it was incredible! I also loved how Steve Hansel, the winemaker, had grown up and lived on this property all his life. It was passed down from his father to him and his brother, and you could tell he knew and loved the land with every fiber of his being. He knew every slope, hill, soil, etc. it was really neat to see and be part of the experience!

Littorai was our next stop. The vineyard is biodynamic and was a really beautiful property! It was landscaped really nicely, and the vines covered a vast amount of hillside- it was just 6 miles from the coast, which they were on the other side of a small mountain, so the climate stayed nice and cool, and hung in the valley they were in. they had a neat winery that had hay installed in the walls to regulate the climate inside the winery (if I remember right) all very biodynamic and granola-y. They also had chards and pinots

Copain (pronounced co-paaaan) was the most pretentious and poured the most money into their tasting room and winery. It was gorgeous, but was decked out with Adirondack (auto correct spelling?) chairs overlooking a breathtaking view, and had many pricey design elements incorporated in. We tasted through chards, and pinots, and he also boasted how Syrah is the next upcoming grape, and how they were making Syrah from grapes from the “deep end” of the Yorkville valley.

After a full day of tasting we ate at Zins restaurant and grabbed a few drinks from one of the local bars. The town of Healdsburg that we stayed in was awesome, and it would have been nice to walk around more, but it was raining pretty well for a majority of the trip.

We leisurely woke up on Tuesday and headed out to San Francisco! We had no plans for the day, except to hang out and see the city! We spent a bunch of the time at the ferry building which is a small marketplace that features many artisanal shops: the tasty salted pig part shop, mushroom farm shop, cowgirl creamery, baked breads, honey, and coffee! It really was a great stop. If I worked in the city, it would be a sweet place to come for lunch. Ooh and we caught the tail end of the farmers market too which was great!

We ate a late lunch at the salt house, which had a cool interior and we sat up on the loft. The food was amazing and the cocktails were delightful!

It was such an amazing trip. Ed took such great care of us, and it was awesome how he treated his managers, wine buyers, and chefs to such an incredible experience, that I know I will personally never forget! I am so blessed by this job, and the opportunities that have come along with it, and the priceless information I have learned an attained through the process. Cheers!
yummy pinot noir at walter hansel
winemaker steve hansel!

the ferry building in san fransisco was awesome! bakery, meat shop, cheese shop, wine shop, restaurants, coffee, it was all really trendy and vibey, and we were even there during the farmers market!

Monday, May 9, 2011

hot rods and muscle cars

on my 30 before 30 list one thing is to start to restore a late 60s muscle car. 69 el camino, chevelle, nova...some good ol fashioned american muscle :)
the del mar nationals was such an inspiration!


 pink 68 dodge challenger
el cam! el cam!