Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why Are You Single? Perhaps It’s The Choice Effect

Why Are You Single? Perhaps It’s The Choice Effect

interesting read. i work at a restaurant, and it's hilarious (and sad at the same time) to see people buckle under pressure of ordering when there are too many options. we have a nice menu, but nothing crazy, but once you throw the specials of the day in there, i watch people physically break down. so the less options the better. this article is a nice example of that, and comes at ya from all angles. enjoy! happy choosing.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

just the tip...

being that i am a member of the restaurant industry, and my livelihood is calculated each time some leave a a tip, i am now a big tipper when it comes to anything that involves service. i used to be a "i'll just double the tax" but realizing that just isnt good enough. 20% is ideal, unless that service was absolutely terrible. even then, i still make sure its well deserved. i came across this article, and loved it. check it out, and don't forget to tip your servers :)

what kind of tipper are you?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

weekend update....all weekends of 2010 included


Thanks for stoppin by :) so much has happened within the last 6 months, I apologize for not much new material on here, and no items for sale on etsy, but SOON!

I decided to not have internet access at my house/studio so i could fully keep my attention on all things creative, and keep my mind clear. one of the best decisions in terms of cranking out (and selling) sairberry aprons! many other fun projects have been a brewing as well. good things.

my next plan of action is to have a photoshoot with all the fun new aprons i've created and post them on etsy. keep your eyes and ears open for that!

thanks for the love, support, and inspiration!!

all things are yours,