Thursday, August 20, 2009

DIY herb garden

this darling garden planter was found on apartment therapy and is inexpensive, stylish, and relatively easy to assemble. I can just envision how a streaming vine of flowers would look on this lil number come spring!

mini moos

today i am excited about my mini moo cards. at moo, they love to print. for $19.99 i bought 100 mini moo cards (1/2 the size of business cards) to use as tags for my aprons!! I'm really stoked to use them!!

the coolest thing about this is its double sided, my info on one side AND (drumroll please....) i could pick not 1, not 10, not 50 but 100 different photos to go on the 100 cards. amazing.

mario goes wii

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

aprons in action!

This is D. she lives in Guatemala. I made some aprons for her bridesmaids, mom, 4 darling nieces, and for her (the bride). She sent this pic from her kitchen where she resides in Guatemala with her husband.

Apron is made from burlap blend wool to create a burlap look, sans harshness, chocolate brown lining, and crushed purple velvet accents. muchas gracias D for sending me this fun pic!! enjoy shakin' and bakin'

Friday, August 14, 2009

santa cruz/monterey

my boo and I decided to cruise up north for our 1 year celebration of dating and enjoying each others' company. we had the luxury of borrowing his moms car, which turned out was being serviced longer than expected, so we "had to" take the courtesy car of lexus carlsbad up north...roughin it! :) we drove up friday night, enjoyed the hat pastrami sandwiches (the best!) and arrived late late at night, ready for our adventures ahead!

we visited aptos/santa cruz, saw his home away from home, hung with the fam, and saw the hot spots of where he enjoyed childhood vacations, and the scenic beauty of the beach and the redwoods. enjoyed pizza my heart at capitola, and kickin it with the fam and bbqs!

after that, we cruised down to monterey bay. i love the aquarium, its one of the magical, nerdy things that i enjoy so much. we saw seahorses, jellys, sharks (my fave), otters, fish of all sorts. I've been there many times, but each time i go, i feel like a child filled with wonder and awe. we walked around cannery row, and enjoyed being out and about with many other tourists enjoying vacations.

we stayed at the la portala, and the week after our stay, a classic/exotic car auction was happening at our hotel. each time we walked outside we saw huge carrier trucks unloading beautiful rare vehicles. a sight to see, and being that both myself and B love cars, we were kids in a candy shop, running around looking at them all! we snuck downstairs in our parking garage and checked out what we could see before the guard shoo'd us away. enzo ferraris, woodys, lambos, lead sleds...oh my!

what fun! who doesn't love a mini-road trip adventure!!

Friday, August 7, 2009


being a sairberry, myself, you could only imagine the excitement that was had when i saw this....its the simple things of life, much joy in the little things.

(and the picture could've been cooler with the actual plan...but the name struck me so, i concentrated on that)