Sunday, May 31, 2009

balboa on a cloudy afternoon

I love mini-adventures. I feel like life should be adventurous, whether big or small. I suppose, I like to live life as if everything is fun and exciting, so whether it be a trip to the farmers market, a new restaurant, or just throwing on a hoodie and going, its always more fun to keep things fresh and exciting.

this particular adventure that highlighted my week, was a photographical journey to balboa park. I love the museum of photographic arts (mopa), and they recently started a gallery exhibit of Ansel Adams. I thought to bring my 1970's Minolta 35mm, and the digital.

it was a cool, overcast may day. I enjoyed walking around, sipping tea at the Japanese friendship garden (and I believe tea/coffee is enjoyed to the fullest at places other than made at home...part my my adventurous spirit i suppose), I walked around capturing the architecture, botanical gardens, ponds, and more! I enjoyed the exhibits at mopa, and enjoyed dreaming of the pictures i would soon develop being in a gallery exhibit (aka my wall) of my own.

the film in the Minolta camera didn't forward like is should have for 2 rolls, so I ended up with half exposed, and half blacked out prints (some are interesting), and was thankful for the technology and ease of a digital camera. Its amazing that you can instantly delete and look at the photos, vs winding up film, trying not to expose it, taking it to the photo shop, deciding on 1-hr or next day, paying for it (a big one for 1/2 developed prints), leaving, then returning to pic them up and check them out. there is something about anticipating the excitement and about the discipline on waiting to see results, but in the "i want it my way, and want it now" society we live it worth it?

whether the film is perfect, or not, the aspect of adventuring out somewhere out of the ordinary pace of life, just boosts outlook on life. I'm excited about the next trek, however, i may just throw the digi cam in the purse, and go for it.
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